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air condition exhaust from 3d printer

For some time, my great Anycubic i3 Mega 3D printer stood in the corner as a dust catcher and was rarely used. At some point you just printed pretty much everything you need or just wanted to try it out. Among them were elements like 3D printing PS4 / Playstation4 mods as well as several toys for children and Ikea hacks from the 3D printer.

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New ideas - cool and useful things from the 3D printer

amz box en.jpgFrom this point of view, it suddenly doesn't seem so bad anymore that word has gotten around in the closer circle of family and friends that such a 3D printer is standing around waiting for work. External influences and ideas from third parties are often a pleasant addition to one's own point of view and opinion, not only in 3D printing. Especially since the PLA filament PLA filament, which has already been bought in rough quantities, has to be consumed slowly but surely. This filament is stored by me in a nice Ikea box with lid and salt bag, so that no humidity etc. gets to it and does not deform and keeps its thickness of 1.75mm over the whole length of the filament roll, but it is not durable forever.

At this point I would like to introduce from time to time some more useful things from the 3D printer, which I have printed and found good according to personal standards. If you are looking for more information or would like to inform yourself about 3D printers in general, the following Article - 3D printers: models, software and possibilities - is recommended.

Air conditioner: bracket for window feed-through exhaust hose from 3D printer

air condition unit exhaust 3d printerMy father-in-law bought a great new air conditioner air conditioner for his bedroom during the hot summer months, and also a suitable adapter for the window duct of the exhaust hose.

However, one of the windows would now have to be replaced, which in turn would have entailed unnecessary costs. An alternative solution had to be found.

He then bought a acrylic glass pane in the DIY store and brought it to the right size so that the acrylic glass pane fitted exactly from the inside onto the window frame when the window was open. The exhaust hose adapter for the window duct was then fitted into the plexiglass.

amz large2 en.jpg

Mounting from the 3D printer:
air condition exhaust from 3d printerNow all that was missing was a mounting option for the window with the frame, and this is exactly where the 3D printer comes into play. Together we simply planned an L-shaped construct, which then provides support on all 4 sides of the window.

After printing out the four PLA filament brackets, I simply drilled a hole in each part with a wood drill, which later inserted a screw and screwed it to a wing nut from the inside. Thus the plex glass pane with exhaust hose of the air conditioner is connected with the window frame in a simple way. The whole thing is weatherproof, looks great, and insulates or closes well due to the rubber seals of the window frame, among other things. This keeps cool air inside in summer, warm air outside, and exhaust air can flow out. A great solution that I think is quite respectable.

Planters and flower pots from the 3D printer

Flowerpot planter from 3D-PrinterOur daughter has a new hobby: gardening!

Especially now in summer a great activity on the balcony. Sowing seeds, planting flowers, potting, watering flowers - in any case a lot of fun for the little one.

By chance I came across various flower pots, plant pots and vases at thingiverse, which can easily be downloaded and printed in all possible shapes, sizes and colours. Just search there for "planter" or something similar and you'll quickly find it.

But you should pay attention to the infill when printing the mentioned objects in 3D, i.e. choose 80% or 100% infill when printing. Because such things as flowerpots and vases flowerpots and vases (in my case printed from blue, green and pink PLA filament) should also be waterproof - of course.

Another little tip: A beautiful colorful vase from the 3D printer with a flower or small bouquet is also a nice gift for Mother's Day.

Money box from the 3D printer

A great idea to print yourself are piggy bank piggy bank, money boxes and safes. These are available in all possible designs - starting with the traditional piggy bank for children and other animal-look piggy banks (hedgehogs, rabbits, snails, dinosaurs, elephants, and so on...).

amz large2 en.jpg

Also very popular are lettering such as the child's name in 3D print. The letters of the lettering are completely hollow and thus form a wonderfully individual money box - a beautiful gift for a child's birthday, christening or also for school enrolment.

3d printed piggy bankFor a friend from southern Germany who owns a small do-it-yourself car workshop there, I designed some time ago a small colorful alternative to his coffee fund with Tinkercad and Blender and then printed it out with PLA filament in the 3D printer.

I had left the choice of colours to my little daughter. As you can see, the money box aka coffee cash box is colorful (blue, yellow, red). 😀

The lid with the race seat and insertion chute is of course removable and closes very well. It was printed with 0.2mm layer thickness and PLA. All in all, containers such as money boxes and other storage boxes from the 3D printer like sewing boxes are predestined to be produced in 3D printing. Thus individual unique created pieces, which represent as already mentioned great gifts and a direct practical use.

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Author: Sascha from

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer and martial artist from germany. Besides programming and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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