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My current trading portfolio

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Symbol/InstrumentOpen Avg.Current Price / P/L %
BVB - ISIN: DE0005493092
5.75 EUR5.81 EUR
CCAP - ISIN: LU1296758029
17.00 EUR17.08 EUR
RRTL - ISIN: LU0061462528
28.31 EUR28.94 EUR
4.03 EUR4.07 EUR
3.83 EUR4.11 EUR

*Prices and P/L updates every 30 minutes
Latest Update: 2020-07-10 20:40 / Timezone Germany

Risk notice: At this place i present some of my trading activities. None of the services provided here on the website constitute investment advice or other recommendations. All information, advice, analyses, methods, techniques, strategies or other tips are provided for information purposes only and should not be taken without independent, extensive examination and individual advice from specialists, such as investment advisors or banks. I expressly do not make any recommendations or requests to buy or sell stocks or other financial instruments. Should analyses, opinions or references to future or already completed financial transactions be published here, these always represent exclusively my own view and refer only to our personal investment decisions.

My Trading and Twitter Archive

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2020-07-10: the market is not interested in your opinion 😀 does not matter if crypto or stock market, everyday same routine, plan your trade and trade your plan! #tradinglife #dax #stockmarket
2020-07-09: Bought CORESTATE CAPITAL HLDG (CCAP) @ 17.00 EUR
2020-07-09: Xetra last minute fill - CORESTATE CAPITAL HLDG @ 17.00 EUR .. we will see what happens next 🙂 #tradinglife #xetra #dax #shoppingtime
2020-07-09: nice dropping #dax .. shopping time incoming - hope so 🙂 #tradinglife #stockmarkets #stocks
2020-07-09: Trading-Bot running 😉 started selling some #ETH every 2% it comes up! #Ethereum #cryptotrading #cryptocurrencies #tradinglife
2020-07-07: Sold Exasol AG (EXL.DE) @ 13.32 EUR
2020-07-07: Sold EXL.DE (Exasol AG) a few minutes ago @ 13,32 EUR ... a little under 10% profit, better than nothing.. #stockmarkets #trading #tradinglife #stocks
2020-07-06: nothing really special happens actually at stock markets. everything green, waiting for fill my take profit orders while drinking lots of excellent coffee 😀 #happylife #tradinglife #trading #StockMarket #developer
2020-07-01: Xetra down :/ The trading system is currently experiencing technical issues...hmm, drinking coffee, waiting 🙂 #tradinglife #stockmarkets #stocks #xetra #dax
2020-06-30: Bought BORUSSIA DORTMUND (BVB) @ 5.75 EUR
2020-06-30: xetra shopping time - bought some BORUSSIA DORTMUND shares (@BVB) @ 5.75 EUR.. best football club in the world 😉 hehe, #tradinglife #trading #stockmarkets
2020-06-30: added a new trading section to my blog, showing my current portfolio and buy/sell actions. and i dont care if no one cares 😉 #tradinglife #trading #stocks #crypto #StockMarket
2020-06-29: Bought VOLTABOX AG INH. O.N. (VBX) @ 3.35 EUR
2020-06-27: Looking forward to buy some #ETH and #BTC -> bot started, waiting for ETH 220 USD and below, BTC below 8900, maybe #shoppingtime 🙂 #cryptotrading #crypto #tradinglife
2020-06-27: Sold my CYR position yesterday at 12,20 under the 50% fib level in 4h - bad trade :/ .. at least commission in and a nice minimal profit left.. reinvested the hole position in some more RRTL. #tradingstocks #stockmarkets #xetra #tradinglife
2020-06-26: Sold CYAN AG O.N. (CYR) @ 12.20 EUR
2020-06-25: Bought RTL GROUP (RRTL) @ 27.80 EUR
2020-06-25: Bought TUI AG (TUI1.DE) @ 4.03 EUR
2020-06-25: I was expecting dax drop sooner, but now there it goes 😀 Shopping-Time at xetra. Buy TUI, waiting for PBB and FRA 😉 #tradinglife #drop #shoppingtime #stockmarket #stocks
2020-06-24: Bought VOLTABOX AG INH. O.N. (VBX) @ 4.30 EUR
2020-06-22: Bought CYAN AG O.N. (CYR) @ 11.25 EUR
2020-06-22: small xetra shopping time 🙂 buyed some CYR, RRTL and EXL but still waiting for some more entries. #tradinglife #fibonacci #dax #mdax #sdax
2020-06-19: Wirecard yesterday about 100 EUR.. today about 20, looks like the end of an DAX company, but the world keeps turning 🙂 #MarketDontCare #stocks #tradinglife
2020-06-16: Simply ridiculous what is happening with #FDax. Within 24 hours +6% - #rollover incoming, i am just waiting for the drop while drinking coffee 🙂 #tradinglife #future
2020-06-15: Bought RTL GROUP (RRTL) @ 28.76 EUR

Trading and Twitter Archive

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