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2020-09-18: Sad, but its weekend again 😉 Nothing special happened today at xetra stock exchange, Dax around 13150, Grenke bumbles around 35,- EUR (Close: 33,65), maybe Crypto (Bitcoin + ETH) shows some nice moves around the weekend. #tradinglife
2020-09-17: Very nice day at xetra stock exchange, for example Fraport AG (Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide / DE0005773303) at 38,38 EUR. second trade with Fraport this year, nice profit until now, and there are quite more ticks to go... 🙂 #tradinglife #aktien #shares
2020-09-17: Update 6 - 17:30 - At the end of the Xetra trading day and in response to Wolfgang Grenkes statement on the franchise system of GRENKE AG, the Grenke share gives away some percent. Today high 39,20 EUR, Close 34,85.. Waiting for tomorrow, more news and information from Grenke AG.. #TooMuchAction
2020-09-17: Update 5 - Grenke AG / 12:30 : Current/Last Price is 31,60 EUR. enormous volumes that go over the counter.. next fib level and EMA 13 (1h) around 34-35 EUR.. over +33% from daily low at xetra exchange frankfurt. Curious what the announced news will bring this evening and Friday.
2020-09-17: GRENKE AG, a global financing partner for small and medium-sized enterprises, has convened a task force to deal with the detailed rebuttal of the accusations made against the Company by Viceroy Research. On the basis of this work, Antje Leminsky, Chair of the Board of Directors of GRENKE AG, and Sebastian Hirsch, member of the Board of Directors, together with the company founder and Deputy Chair of the Supervisory Board, Wolfgang Grenke, and the Chair of the Supervisory Board, Prof. Dr. Ernst-Moritz Lipp, will comment on all of the topics in writing and in the context of an investor and analyst call tomorrow, Friday afternoon: accusations of fraud, falsification of financial statements and money laundering as well as criticism of the business model and governance. The Board of Directors and Supervisory Board continue to regard all these accusations as unfounded. Already this Thursday afternoon at around 4 p.m. there will be a brief written statement by Wolfgang Grenke, which particularly will address the accusations against him personally as well as the topic of franchisees. Together with his legal advisors, GRENKE is also currently considering taking legal action against Viceroy Research.
2020-09-17: Update 4 - Grenke AG / 09:32 : Xetra low 23,92, last 28,60, could be an interesting day... #coffee #waiting #investorslife
2020-09-16: Update 3 - Grenke AG: Clock says 18:57 - after-market the price per Grenke share is about 28,44 at Tradegate. Low today 26,06 EUR. We will see if the drop continuous tomorrow, still waiting for a Grenke statement... #investorslife
2020-09-16: Update 2 - Grenke Leasing AG: Clock says 14:05 o clock, xetra low 32,32 EUR. Today about -27%, maybe like Wirecard going to zero?! 🙂 waiting while drinking coffee #tradinglife #aktien #stockmarkets
2020-09-16: Update Grenke Leasing AG: 10 oclock, xetra low 35,00 EUR, Close 36,00 EUR. Today about -20%, still holding this paper 😀 it hurts 😉 #aktien #stocks #pain
2020-09-16: Panic sales, Grenke Leasing AG in free fall...current low: 37,12 (-16%) #xetra #aktien #stockmarkets
2020-09-16: Grenke Leasing AG (ISIN: DE000A161N30) statement from yesterday evening: A central accusation is that a substantial portion of the EUR 1,078 million in cash and cash equivalents reported in the 2020 half-year financial report does not exist. This is demonstrably false. EUR 849 million, which is almost 80% of the cash and cash equivalents, were held in Deutsche Bundesbank accounts on June 30, 2020 as published in the 2020 half-year financial report. As of today, the credit balance at the Bundesbank amounts to EUR 761 million. In addition, the 64-page report contains numerous other unfounded allegations. GRENKE AG is currently also preparing a detailed reply to these accusations and will respond to them. GRENKE reserves the right to take legal action and will initiate such action accordingly.
2020-09-16: Very boring trading weeks, nothing special happened, Bayer shares are up, 4 of 5 trades are in profit area, ETH at 300 EUR, once again and again, still waiting for drop under 280 😀 Highlight of the week: Shares of Grenke Leasing AG dropped yesterday by up to 25% after short attack of shortseller Fraser Perring and Viceroy Research Group. That news about fraudulent transactions of connected persons up to money laundering allegations dumped the Grenke shares back to the Corona low. According to wirecard such news naturally hit like a bomb. i am in at 45 EUR, risky but dont believe that shortseller news trash, math told me to buy so i bought. 🙂 #tradinglife #trading #stockmarket #crypto
2020-09-04: Shoppingtime incoming, everything red, also Tesla and Apple are dropping after split, how surprising 😀 Bitcoin below 8700 EUR and ETH below 325, i love that, right direction but hopefully this is not the end... #tradinglife #crypto #stockmarket
2020-09-02: Another interesting week, Tesla and Apple split, ETH (Ethereum) reached nearly 500 USD, ETH/BTC 0.04, the moon boys are still happy and making party.. meanwhile i bought some shares at xetra stock market this week, some vodafone and siemens health shares, waiting for more incoming order fills 🙂 have a good week all you guys out there.. #xetra #aktien #stockmarket #tradinglife
2020-08-24: an interesting start of the week. $ETH above 400USD, sold some LHA (Lufthansa) and Vodafone shares, nice little profit, free money for new action, drinking coffee while waiting for shopping time at xetra stock market.. #aktien #shares #tradinglife #trading #stockmarkets
2020-08-21: Its friday, getting some money out of the stock market. Sold FRA (FRAPORT AG FRANKFURT AIRPORT SERVICES WORLDWIDE) at xetra for 34,98 EUR. Nice and easy 9,28% profit. 🙂 quiet happy!
2020-08-13: If Bitcoin or ETH will spike through or at least near ATH (all time high) you will not find enough idiots who buy, so the big guys can not lets play at a range where everybody can post something about buying the dip and dream from the moon 😉 maybe some day it will be different, when you can really do something with Bitcoin & Co... something different than hodl and trading 😀
2020-08-11: Sold RTL again, second time RTL Group, second time some easy profits. #xetra #aktien #trade #stockmarkets
2020-08-11: Very good week, love stock markets when it runs like expected. some profits incoming. #xetra #tradinglife #trading #stockmarkets #aktien
2020-08-10: new week, new opportunities 🙂
2020-08-05: Very nice week until now at xetra stock market 🙂 its simple and easy, buy low, sell high and repeat 😀 #tradinglife #trading #dax #stockmarkets #aktien
2020-08-03: Bought $ETH under 100 EUR and sold everything step by step between 250 and 320 EUR 😀 i am very okay with that 🙂 #flat #trading #tradinglife #crypto #bot
2020-07-30: really nice DAX drop, sold CCAP shares with small 6% profit..making some money free for shopping! #trading #tradinglife #xetra #dax #stockmarket
2020-07-27: buying some Lufthansa (LHA) shares - love that shopping time #StockMarket #Aktien #bot #shoppingtime #trading
2020-07-27: Stock market shopping time @ xetra.. TUI, Vodafone, waiting for some more while drinking excellent coffee 🙂 love my job #trading #tradinglife #stockmarkets #aktien

My Trading - thoughts and ideas - Archive

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