Trading-Journal: Crypto Trading Bot for Kraken

Crypto Trading Bot Kraken

Every halfway professional trader should of course keep a trading journal to record his trades and to be able to evaluate them later. Some good trading software offers already integrated solutions, but that didn't stop me from programming my own software for our Project and connecting it to our trading system.

In addition to the recording, evaluation and analyses of the individual trades. (Signal, Entry, StopLoss, TakeProfits, PL, Commissions, hit rates and countless other values and ratios). Furthermore, automation is the magic word for every successful trader. Everything that can be done automatically (and/or semi-automatically) by a machine or one or more computers and servers should be done by them.

Trading: Indicators, strategies and interfaces

kraken.jpgBesides various indicators, trading strategies and interfaces to various Forex and future brokers (Dukascopy, AMP, TF4l) as well as data feed and technology providers (CQG, Rithmic R API+, VWD, TaiPan), I have also integrated several modules which extend the trading journal with basic functionalities and make my daily life in stock exchange trading stock exchange trading much easier.

In addition to a module that, simply explained, searches the Xetra shares for certain patterns and values and outputs them, I also connected the API of the crypto exchange Kraken in a quiet hour.

Crypto-Trading: Kraken Trading Bot

Journal Trading Bot KrakenWith just one click I can retrieve all relevant data of individual accounts and pairs as well as market data and thus make trading decisions and place an order (market, limit, stop loss) quickly. Thanks to an integrated calculator I always have a direct overview of the volume, base and quote currency as well as the commission fee.

In order to push the whole thing to the top, I decided on a small strategy and built a fully automated trading bot for kraken, which currently handles my Bitcoin, ETH, XRP and e.g. EOS trades independently.

Depending on the configuration set, the bot can buy and sell independently at predefined prices, Fibonacci levels, moving averages (EMA, SMA). In addition, I have integrated a mechanism that has proven itself especially in times of enormous Bitcoin price fluctuations. This mechanism foresees that a defined amount of coins is sold from a certain price, but if the price rises above this level, the bot will continue to sell a certain amount at defined intervals. Same with buying. One could say that those who have programming in his skill set are clearly at an advantage. 🙂

Note: From time to time i post a small status of my trading performance (success and failure) here on a separate page ( which links also to my twitter account. Maybe we can follow each other. 😉

Kraken Trading Bot with Bitcoin, Ethereum & Co.

kraken.jpgThis may have disadvantages but of course also advantages. You don't have to commit yourself 100% to one price, the bot simply sells Bitcoin in 100 USD steps. If the price drops below the defined limit again, the bot goes in the other direction and buys the defined quantities again in intermediate steps. On good days, when the price runs up to 9800, drops to 7600 and jumps back to over 9500, you have fun with it.

The whole thing goes with Ethereum (ETH) on a small scale and much more comfortable nevertheless, if you sell ETH from 200,- USD, and then in 10 USD steps always further. It is rarely the case that the price simply jumps from 200 to 400. If the rate comes back below 160, the bot simply buys back in 10 USD steps and the game starts all over again. So that I don't have to run my main computer all the time, I also outsourced the bot to a small C# console application, and let it run with Mono on a Linux server, which is always on anyway and has a fast OneWay connection to the Internet.

There is not always so much movement that the kraken crypto trading bot could work reasonably, but if the price doesn't reach the trigger nothing happens and the bot just watches what the market does.

Of course you can also run the thing with XETHXXBT, i.e. exchange back and forth between two crypto currencies like ETH (Ethereum / Ether) and Bitcoin. What you can do while waiting for action in the crypto market, I have summarized here in the following article: Experiment: Hacking Ethereum Wallets - Bruteforce.

kraken l.jpg

To make sure that not too much can go wrong with such fully automated trades, and to avoid sitting in front of the computer computer 24/7, I use the Messenger Telegram and a corresponding telegram bot to keep me constantly informed about the actions of the trading bot.

The self-programmed Telegram Bot sends me messages on Fill for Pair, Trigger, Last-Price, Bid/Ask, Volume, but also information if the connection to the Kraken-API is broken and an independent reconnect is no longer possible for whatever reason. How to program such a telegram bot by yourself can be read here in parts 1 and 2 of the series.

If you are interested in the code, or if you need technical support for the implementation of your own trading idea, feel free to contact me and together we will see what is possible.

Author: Sascha from

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer, trader and martial artist from germany. Besides programming, trading and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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