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The day has come - the school beginners start school (we call it i-MĂ€nnchen in germany) - and you notice your little child is growing up. Your kid goes to primary school and the school time begins. This is a big step for children and kids, just like for parents. Despite the excitement you have to think of some things in this wild time. To make it easier for you, here are some tips and suggestions to consider when starting school. You are reading a guest article by

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Enrolment - The first day at school - Pleasure and Fears

kraken.jpgThe first thing to say is: Enjoy your anticipation! A unique event is imminent and you may look forward to it. Talk to your child about what he is looking forward to when he can finally go to school. You can also give the school project some shine by listing all the great things to discover in school from the first day of school. The child will find new friends, and will also see old friends again, who it may know from the day care center or kindergarten. Many new skills will be learned - reading, writing, calculating - but also a lot of fun and games at the school yard.

The anticipation is of great importance, because fears also develop. This is part of it, but they should not get out of hand. The anticipation pushes the anxieties into the background. Nevertheless, it is important to talk about the fears especially with the future school child. You will probably also be struggling with fears. On the one hand, you have to accept that your child is growing up and that you have to let it go a bit. On the other hand, you care about your child. Questions like: "Will my kid be good at school? Will he/she be able to find friends quickly", you say. Talk about it with experienced parents if possible. They might be able to give you some security. A conversation with the teachers and the future class teacher is also helpful.

No progress without setbacks

Similar to developmental leaps, which occur particularly in small children, there is hardly any progress without one or the other previous step backwards. This applies to getting dry, learning to ride a bicycle and everything else. Children often fall back into a toddler phase before schooling schooling. The reason for this is usually the inner process of the child. But this also passes. On the one hand it is happy to start school and to belong to the big ones. On the other hand it is still attached to mum and/or dad, does not want to let go completely and doesn't know what will happen. Stay calm and give your child security and shelter.

A good cooperation with the teachers in this time helps to improve and so this phase will come to an end relatively quickly. Many schools as well as kindergartens (day care centres) offer afternoons of playing games before being included in the institution. Also a visit to the "open day" is worthwhile in any case for all participants (child and parents) in order to get a first overview of premises etc.. That gives security.

Preparation is everything! School materials, school satchels and school cones

kraken.jpgLet's get to the things you need to prepare. For example, there are the school materials, the school enrolment ceremony and not to forget the school bag!
School materials cost money. With a school bag and a satchel, you can spend between 200,- and 400,- EUR (higher is always possible). That is a lot of money, but there are some saving tips.

It is advisable to buy the satchel between November and February. On some websites and in some shops you can get the school satchels of the last season at a reduced price. The school satchel brands design a new collection every year. Those who want a school bag that not everyone has can buy from the previous season. This saves a lot of money and reduces the danger that someone else in the class owns exactly the same satchel.

There's a lot to keep in mind with this school satchel:

  1. Try to find a school bag with as much fluorescent material as possible. The more the satchel glows, the more you can see your child in the dark at dawn.
  2. Make sure that the satchel has a good workmanship and no sharp edges. The GS mark guarantees a quality check and helps you to make a better assessment.
  3. The weight of the satchel depends on your child. The narrower and more delicate your child is, the less the school satchel should weigh. There are some schoolbags that have extra back reinforcement and chest straps. You also have to make sure that the satchel is seated correctly when adjusting the school bag. The satchel should start at the shoulder. If it hangs too far down, a hollow back could develop. If your child is sporty and has already built up some muscles, you will have to pay less attention to back cushions and stuff like that.
  4. You shouldn't consider school trolleys. On curbstones or in the bus they are annoying and sooner or later children get a wrong shoulder posture.
  5. If you want to get an overview of the different types of school satchels, there are several school satchel tests on the Internet that you can consult.
  6. Buy a satchel set. Most school bag brands offer sets with sports bags and pencil cases. This saves a lot of money and looks better because they are all in the same design. Because a single pencil case can cost around EUR 20 when filled. This is partly due to the special pencil wishes of the teachers.

Besides the school bag there are also books, booklets, pencils and so on. Normally you will get a material list at the first parents' evening. This first parent-teacher evening is usually before school starts. Materials that are small enough can be used directly for the school bag. This also saves money! It's also worth it to have your relatives give you things like ink boxes, sportswear, water bottles, scissors or glue. They often don't know what they can give and are happy to receive tips and advice what to buy for the kids school beginning.

Regarding pencils, erasers and pencil sharpeners, it is unfortunately worth spending money. Especially with pencil sharpeners and erasers pencil sharpeners and erasers it becomes clear that the good brands have a better quality. You should also pay attention to the workmanship of the drinking bottle. Nothing is more annoying than soaked school material due to a leaking beverage bottle.

One of the most important items for the child at school is of course the school bag. The School Cone School Cone comes in different models. The already printed one, the school cones or those who want to be creative get a school cone blank and design it freely. There are even already filled school cones. Everything is open in terms of price. The blank alone only costs between 3 and 5 Euros, whereas you have to buy everything else. The finished filled school cones cost on average approx. 50, - EUR. So a school bag can cost between 20 and 80 euros. But you can determine the price yourself.

Little Tip: Join the godparents or grandparents on the School Cone. Together it costs less and increases the fun factor when designing and filling it.

But the more important question is: What goes into a School Cone?
So far, a colourful mixture has proved its worth:

  1. As already mentioned, school supplies make sense. Pay attention to the size of the objects. Do not overestimate the size of a school bag! It is very narrow at the bottom and it takes a while to get wide.
  2. Every child is happy about toys. Especially popular is Lego Lego (because you can use the small bricks to fill gaps) or magnetic letters, playmobil, Barbie accessories or even toy trends like the Fidget spinner.
  3. Office supplies for the desk. Often children get their own desk desk, then pen holders, fancy erasers or similar are welcome.
  4. Pixi Books - Big books don't usually fit in the school bag. But there are also a lot of school enrolment stories or first reader stories from Pixi. These little books always find a place in the bag. Little book tip: "The Seriousness of Life" is a cute school enrolment story for young and old.
  5. A lucky charm always helps children. It can be a small key ring that can be attached to a school bag or a pencil case. It can also be a small cuddly toy. Worry eaters are particularly popular. These are cuddly toys that have a small pocket in their mouth. The sense is that the children paint or write their worries on a piece of paper and the worry eater eats them up.
  6. Clothes are always useful. Examples include a funny school shirt or sportswear for school.
  7. In the end, sweets are not to be missed. You should make sure that there are no sweets that can melt. Because most of the time the sun shines during school enrollment and it could get warm. Sweets that you can share directly with your new classmates are great. Often 1-2 mandarins and an apple are added to the bag to cover the child's daily vitamin requirements. 😉

The first day at school

the first day at schoolStart of school: Once you have prepared everything, the first day of school can begin. Usually it starts with a church service and then continues in primary school. If you are not sure what to wear for your child, the golden mean is recommended. It doesn't have to be chic like at a wedding. Holes in the trousers are not appropriate.

Photos will be taken in the classroom or in the schoolyard during the induction ceremony, you should keep this in mind. Often there is a program offered by the higher classes before the class distribution follows.

This is the most exciting moment for you and your son/daughter. Because this is where the new period of time begins. Don't worry, almost everyone has tears in their eyes at this moment. Pack yourself handkerchiefs handkerchiefs! Most of the time the children have their first lesson that day. This is very exciting for the children, so it is important to encourage and praise your child wherever possible! Mostly coffee and cake are offered for the parents during this period - this is a good time to get to know other parents.

The school enrolment celebration - a great end to the day

kraken.jpgAfter beginning school in the primary school, there is a school entry celebration. It looks very different. Think in advance who you would like to invite. Only the closest family or also friends and distant relatives? Depending on the size you should choose the location. Here it is valid, at home it is cheaper, but connected with more work.

Usually you are offered lunch and later you are served some coffee and cake. But even here, it's up to you. The celebrations are all different and your child should have a say. After all, it's his party!

Of course you save work in the restaurant, but still there is often a nicer atmosphere in your own home. Garden parties are always popular - because school starts always take place in the summer and the weather plays along safely.

On the internet you will find great baking ideas and other ideas for school cakes and matching decoration, which are not expensive at all. For lunch you can cook your child's favourite dish, but we recommend a large stew like goulash or chili con carne. Bread sandwiches, muffins and finger food or a nice buffet are also welcome.

Ultimately, your budget decides how big or small you celebrate. Remember, small celebrations can be incredibly beautiful because they are more relaxed and often offer a warmer environment. All that matters is that your child is celebrated.

A particularly nice action is a guestbook guestbook or a Polaroid camera Polaroid camera on the table. This is fun for everyone and because you can see the photos directly, they have a special fun factor.

So school entry is a very special and beautiful day in the life of one's own child, which will be remembered long after the first day of school. The school gives independence and self-confidence and is another big step on the life of the child.

Author: Sascha from

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer, trader and martial artist from germany. Besides programming, trading and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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