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More data protection, security and above all more privacy on the Internet is demanded from all sides, and not only after the entry into force of the EU-wide data protection basic regulation (DSGVO / Privacy DSGVO / Privacy). In general one can understand this wish, because who would like to voluntarily allow large IT companies to pass on their own data, sell it and who knows what to do with it.

Each medal, however, has two sides, and I would like to go into these in more detail here today in this article. On the one hand I would like to get rid of some thoughts around this topic, and on the other hand I will present some information and tools to increase your privacy when clicking through the internet.

Table of contents:

Privacy Browser: More security and privacy

kraken.jpgFor some time now there have been various popup, advertising and tracking blockers, which are offered as plugins or add-ons for various browsers. Even Apple has opened its Safari browser to the mobile devices iPhone and iPad and now allows such apps and software solutions.

In practice, the whole thing looks like the user installs such a plugin, and this then analyzes the source code when visiting a website in advance and no longer loads various components of the page.

Depending on the plugin and settings, videos, advertisements, iFrames or the general content of external pages are no longer loaded. In addition, there are various privacy browsers (for example Brave-Browser or TOR - The Onion Router) which use such technology from the outset.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Privacy Browsers

As already mentioned before, there are not always only advantages with a new technology. The more browser manufacturers and users switch to such solutions and use them, the more advantages and disadvantages there are for some. When using privacy browsers, there are such great advantages as the possibility to block scripts for activity tracking by social networks or secret digital currency calculators (crypto miners).

kraken l.jpg

For the website operators, however, it is much more difficult due to the various ad blockers and the like. Earning money with your own website or at least covering the server costs, let alone getting paid for the work you put into the respective web project will not be easier. This is especially true for private bloggers and webmasters.

Advantages of privacy browsers for the user:

  • The web pages usually load much faster.
  • Anonymity: Tracking the user is made more difficult for the website operator.
  • Annoying advertising and external advertising banners are no longer displayed.
  • Data traffic is reduced, which benefits users on mobile devices (Smartphone / Tablet Smartphone / Tablet) in particular.
  • Cookies, advertisements, videos as well as external services and scripts are blocked relatively reliably.

Disadvantages of privacy browsers for the user:

  • Maybe some Internet pages are no longer displayed 100% correctly.
  • Since the website operators no longer receive any income from advertising, they may have to charge the user for their online services.
  • Free information may only be subject to a charge.

Disadvantages of privacy browsers for the website operator:

  • Visitor numbers can no longer be reliably recorded via third-party services (e.g. Google Analytics).
  • Bloggers and webmasters are losing their advertising revenue and need to look for alternative financing for their platform.

All in all, the issue of data protection and privacy on the Internet remains controversial. For me, the best example of this is and remains the consensus banner with the cookie hint that almost every website on the Internet now displays.

As soon as a user visits the site, as does mine here. "We use cookies, you agree...continue...". The irony in my eyes is that cookies have been around as long as the internet has been around. Everyone who surfs in the Internet should know this at the latest after the introduction of the obligation to inform. 😉

The joke's still on. On the one hand, you can deactivate cookies in your browser at any time so that they are no longer set. On the other hand this reference is the web page operator must deliver simply only annoying, since one must click all the same on which side at least once (gladly also several times), in order to get at all the side displayed. Simpler and more comfortable for the user would have been here in my eyes a regulation for browser manufacturers. Install browser -> query: "Websites use cookies if can turn this off here! -> ready! But it is as it is. 🙂

Check privacy settings:

In the Firefox browser for example you can set many options in the Settings menu (or in the URL bar -> type: about:preferences) under Security.

Or you can install for example Brave - Privacy Browser. Brave also has a decisive advantage, because this is where the interests of website operators and users come together.

kraken l.jpg

If a user is allowed to deliver advertising to a page, the user gets a small reward in the form of the digital currency BAT. If a user is satisfied with the content of the website or would like to give the operator a small reward, this is also possible on a volunteer basis. This could potentially be a win-win situation for everyone involved, provided that such bonus programmes establish themselves.

Author: Sascha from

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer, trader and martial artist from germany. Besides programming, trading and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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