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Here are some informations, Screenshots and Download-Links for the Shopping List App (Pro-Version) for iOS- and Android-Devices.

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My ShoppingList App / Grocery List App

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Some cool new feature is, that you are now able to share, work and synchronize lists in realtime with other users (for example your wife or friend). When you go shopping at the supermarket and you strike through a position on the list, all users which have access to your list can see this, and the positions will also crossed out on their devices like Android Smartphone Smartphone, iPhone iPhone, iPad iPad and also the Apple Watch Apple Watch.

Shopping List App - Description iOS (iPhone, iPad)

Shopping List / Grocery List - For "design lovers".

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Shopping Grocery List App iOS*NEW FEATURES*
+Import Ingredient-List from Recipe-Book
Recipes-Book / Recipe-Manager

+With Support for Apple Watch!
+Voice recognition for adding positions to your list. (iOS10+)

Add products from the intern asset (hundreds of articles in 17 categories), arrange them by the sections of your supermarket, and you'll be prepared for your shopping.

Read the instructions how to use this app.

Add position:

Tap on the „Plus“-Symbol (top-left on screen) or the „Pencil“. There you are able to enter the name, quantity, unit and price of the new position.

Add positions from the intern asset (hundreds of articles in 17 categories):

Tap on the „Plus“-Symbol (top-left on screen) or the „Pencil“. After that, choose between the symbols on top: „Categories“, „Occurrence“,„Last entered“, „Alphabet“ or search by tap on the magnifier.

Edit and delete positions, and mark as „done“/„todo“:

- Edit / delete: Press a position for one second or swipe left or right on a position.
- done (striked through): Tap on a position.
- todo (not striked through): Tap again on that position.
- "Shake" -> delete or reset completed positions

Tap on the „rubber“/“eraser“ to erase or copy multiple positions. Sort positions by holding down on one of the red icons and move it to where you want.

Sort/Arrange, delete and copy positions:

- Tap on the fourth symbol from left in top-menu or on the rubber/eraser, to sort/rearrange, delete or copy positions.

Add lists - use them as categories/sections:

- Tap on the second symbol from left, to add a new list. Tip: Add some lists and turn on the switch „show all“, to use your lists as categories/sections. Tap on „Sort“ to arrange your lists.

Switch, edit or sort list or show lists as categories/sections:

- switch/change: Tap on the stripe.
- edit: swipe/wipe left or right over the stripe.
- sort/rearrange: Tap on the stripe, and press the „Sort“-Button.
- show as categories/sections: switch on „show all“.

Print list, or send by E-Mail, SMS/iMessage or Bluetooth:

- E-Mail, Whatsapp or SMS/iMessage and so on: Tap on the "mailer"-Symbol and then press the desired button.
- Print: Tap on "Print" and follow the instructions. A Printer with AirPrint-Support is required.

Synchronizing with iCloud:

- Tap on the "Gear wheels"-Symbol (top-right on screen) and then on the „Cloud“-Symbol. Set the switch to on.

Change Background-Design:

- Tap on the „Gear wheels“-Symbol (top-right on screen) and then on the „five-rings“-Symbol. Choose one of the given Backgrounds and press the back-button.

By the way: Rotate your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the right or left and discover additional features.

*Informations for use of DropBox*
-You can link your Dropbox-Account to the App to import/export your shopping-lists. We are not saving any of your account-informations. For Account-Informations and more visit

Shopping List App - Description Android

My Shopping List / Grocery List + Widget - PRO
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Shopping Grocery List App Android*NEW FEATURES*
+Import Ingredient-List from Recipe-Book
Recipes-Book / Recipe-Manager

+Widget-Support -> Place a widget of your shopping-list on your home-screen
+Voice recognition for adding positions to your list.

With this shopping list app, it is possible to create and manage multiple shopping lists and personal notes.

Available languages: deutsch DE, english EN , español ES, française FR, türkye TR, русский RU, italiano IT, polski PL, norske NO, svenska SV, nederlands NL, slovenských CS.

Additional informations:

To jump from a shopping list to another, click into the selection field on top.

Click an item on your list to switch between "done" (position is striked) and "to do" (position is non striked).

Press a a position on your shopping list for a longer time, and it opens a menu, where you can edit or remove the selected position.

By pressing the symbol with the two arrows, right beside your shopping-list-name, you reach the Top-Menu. From here you can add new, edit and send (Whatsapp/EMail/...) shopping-lists, sort positions and open the configuration-view.

Add Position:
Touch the Plus-Symbol to add a new position to your shoppinglist. Type in a name for the position and select a quantity. Optional you can also select a unit and specify a price.

Sort positions:
Choose the fourth symbol from left at the Top-Menu, to open the Sort-View. Select a position, and move it by clicking the up-/down-arrows.
INFO: done/striked-positions will be moved automatically to the end of the list. just unstrike them, and your sort-order will be restored.

Press the config-symbol at the Top-Menu, to open the Configuration-Dialog. There you will find configuration-oportunities, to change the frontend of the app. You can choose from different Background-Images. The size of the font is also able to be changed.

Create backups of your lists. (Google-Drive, Dropbox, E-Mail ...)
Restore Backup: Choose the created Backup-File for example at DropBox. Open file with Shoppinglist -> backup will be opened and restored in Shoppinglist.

If you are satisfied with this application, we're looking forward to your assessment in the Android market. Your suggestions and criticisms will help us to identify areas for improvements and to meet your needs and requirements in the future. Thanks a lot!

Shopping-/Grocery-List App - Free-Version

Icon Free Shopping Grocery List AppThere is also a simple and free version of the shopping grocery list app available for iOS and Android. Its a bit limited in the features and there will popup some advertising from time to time. But as mentioned, its absolutly free -> at no cost!

With this free shopping list app, it is possible to create and manage multiple shopping lists and personal notes. The functions are limited to the least, without frills. Create shopping lists, add items and the shopping can start.

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Author: Sascha from

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm in my mid-30s and a software developer and martial artist from germany. Besides programming and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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