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Meditation Bench - The third eye

A pleasant upright posture is enormously important when meditating. As already described in a previous article (Introduction to Meditation), there are a variety of aids such as meditation benches, meditation stools or meditation cushions meditation cushions. These make the meditation phase pleasant and comfortable, whereby a simple woollen blanket or similar is sufficient for some.

Especially a meditation bench meditation bench has the advantage that the seat height can be adjusted. Since most benches are inclined around 10 to 15 degrees, the sitting position and pelvic position can be dynamically varied by sitting further forward or further back on the bench. In addition, these meditation benches are very decorative and therefore a nice element in interior design. Even if they are all the same in the core, they differ depending on the manufacturer partly clearly in design, optics and decorations.

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Build your own meditation bench - design from the 3D printer

I wanted something special and unique, something that does not yet exist in this form. In short, I didn't want another off-the-shelf meditation bench. So I simply decided to design and build my own.

Meditation Bench - 3D Print DesignEspecially the optimal seating position and height is important for me.

That's why I didn't just start saw wood but designed a construction in the first step to determine the optimal seat height and position. Of course, this varies from person to person, among other things according to body size.

I printed this construct with my 3D printer 3D printer and PLA-Filament PLA-Filament (layer thickness 0.2mm / 30% filling). Even if the design is reminiscent of a lectern, it serves its purpose. With small spacers (0.5 to 2.0 cm) which can be inserted into the stand depending on the desired seat height, you can quickly and easily determine your personal optimal sitting position for meditation. In my case, the optimal height of the meditation bench or stool is 15.5 to 16 centimeters.

If you want you can download the files for the 3D printer (STL) here. The Zip archive contains 3 STL files for 3D printing. So the foot, the seat and the spacers can be printed separately. Depending on the 3D printer, scaling may be necessary. You should print the whole thing with a PLA layer thickness of 0.2mm to max. 0.3mm and an infill of at least 30%. Depending on the body mass, the stool should be stable enough to determine the perfect sitting position or height.

Build your own meditation bench from wood

Meditation Bench - 3D DesignAfter the intermediate step out of the 3D printer and some back and forth I came to my measurements for the meditation bench. These look like the following:
+ Seat 40cm wide, 20cm deep.
+ Height of the seat 15.5cm to 17cm at 10 degrees inclination of the seat.

For this I created a small 3D draft to get a first impression.

kraken.jpgBefore you start building the meditation stool, you should check if you have all the necessary parts and utensils together. You need for the conversion: wood (18mm strength), wood dowels (8mm strength), wood glue, jigsaw, drill (or cordless screwdriver) incl. 8mm wood drill, angle grinder (sanding machine) and sandpaper. If you want to burn a pattern into the seat like me, you need a soldering iron (350-400 degrees Celsius).

The bench was built of pine wood with a thickness of 18mm. For the assembly 4 parts are needed. A wooden board 40x20cm for the seat and 2 pieces of wood 17,5x14,5 which are mitred on one side by 10 degrees. The last part (10x10cm) serves as a cross connection to stabilize the stand.

A practical side effect of the cross-connection is that a small compartment can be created at the same time to store something. E.g. matches, incense sticks or also the headphones for his meditation music (432Hz music) and sounds (e.g. 108 Hz frequency).

Meditation Bench - Wood boreholeOnce you have sawn the necessary wooden boards, you can mark the holes for the wooden dowels and drill them carefully. The wooden pins make the stool stable.

In addition, wood glue is added to the holes and to the support surfaces where the wood is to be held together. After gluing, I left the meditation bench for one day so that the wood glue could dry well.

In the next step I sanded everything several times from coarse to fine and ground all corners round.

Meditation Bench - Wood GlueHere and there, there was a little crevice. Since wood is a natural material, boards are never completely straight. From that it can happen that you take a little too much or too little material away when sawing. The gaps can be filled quite simply by mixing the sawdust from the sawing and sanding with some wood glue.

You can fill this mass wonderfully into the gaps and joints and smooth it with your finger (put on latex gloves!). After it has dried thoroughly, simply sand the whole thing down again.

Actually, the meditation bench is already finished. However, you can, if you want, upgrade it a bit and design it according to your own wishes.

For this I looked for a few suitable symbols, which fit in form and also meaning to the topic. I decided for a combination of the flower of life and the third eye (forehead chakra / gate to wisdom).

Meditation Bench - diy third eyeThese were superimposed in the graphics program Gimp and slightly modified. Afterwards the finished graphic was printed in different sizes.

The optimal graphic (in my eyes) was then fixed with adhesive tape on the seat and traced with a ballpoint pen. So I pressed the form into the wood.

Then you can remove the paper again and burn the pattern in a second step with a soldering iron. For sealing the wood I recommend clear toy varnish.

Meditation Bench Wood - do it yourself

Closing remarks - Wooden meditation bench

kraken.jpgThe burning in with the soldering iron soldering iron was the most difficult part of the project for me, but also had something meditative about it. Slowly and patiently, with a steady hand, line by line, arc by arc.

Unfortunately it didn't get really perfect, although I had practiced on an old piece of wood. But you have to look at it positively: you see it is handmade! All in all, I am very satisfied with the result despite some minor mistakes.

The bench is super comfortable and simply perfectly adapted to my body measurements. In addition, it was great fun to design and build the meditation bench yourself. I am looking forward to the first meditation on this comfortable piece of wood. 🙂


Author: Sascha from

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer, trader and martial artist from germany. Besides programming, trading and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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