Ikea Upcycling idea - Old lamp in a new look

ikea upcycling - kids lamp 3d-printer

Almost everyone knows the furniture giant Ikea and has one or the other piece of furniture from this Swedish furniture chain at home. The offer is huge and often you unintentionally buy more than you actually wanted.

Stylish tables, chairs, shelves, decorative items and fragrant scented candles and lamps for a great atmosphere and much more - all can be found in all possible variations and designs.

kraken.jpgBut what to do if you have had enough of your beloved piece of furniture, or as in my case the fancy KNUBBIG table lamp KNUBBIG table lamp (white, cherry blossoms) is accidentally thrown down by the cat and the glass shatters into a thousand pieces?!

The trend of Ikea upcycling - i.e. turning old into new - probably developed in this or a similar way. A new do-it-yourself trend was born. Innumerable Ikea-Upcycling-ideas already exist in the Internet. Plastic boxes are converted into wall shelves and Ikea side tables are used for other purposes to create a visually appealing and functional scratching tree scratching tree for cats. A simple Ikea shelf can also be used as a tunnel and part of a children's platform and wooden playhouse.

Further ideas and suggestions can also be found in my previous article on Ikea hacks and children's toys from the 3D printer. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

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Ikea Upcycling - Lamp for the childrens room from the 3D printer

As already mentioned our little cat Ole pushed one of our table lamps (Ikea KNUBBIG) off the shelf. Since the glass shattered the lamp was seen as a case for the garbage can.

Ikea Lamp bulb holderWhen I swept the glass fragments together and held the bulb holder in my hands, the idea came to me to let at least this part of the lamp live on in a new garment. Maybe something colorful for the playroom...

No sooner said than done. With the help of Tinkercad.com I experimented a bit and created a design for a great children's room lamp, which was later printed with the 3d printer 3d printer and PLA filament. At least we (and especially our daughter) like the look a lot. But from the beginning....

After some back and forth I decided for a round instead of a square base (see picture above / bulb socket), which forms the later foot of the lamp and holds the socket of the light bulb. It took some time until everything was perfectly measured, and also in the print result everything fit.

Ikea-Upcycling-Idea - LampSince the children's lamp was supposed to be nice and colourful, I could not print the construction in one piece. So I had to take the whole thing apart to print the lamp in several parts.

However, I came to a new problem, because the parts had to be put together somehow. So I first tried to connect the single elements with these small white clips (see picture). But with 3D printing there were irregularities again and again, because these mini-connectors were simply too small. So I had the idea to add 4 breakpoints at the upper edge of each element, where the next element of the lamp is attached. Sometimes the solution is so simple...

In principle, the finished lamp consists of the round base part and a first construction element on which the later colorful grid elements of the children's table lamp are attached. When assembled, the new version of the Ikea lamp now looks like this and has nothing to do with the original table lamp.

Ikea Upcycling - Lamp 3d-printer

3D printing - lamp for the playroom

The lamp for the children's room was printed from PLA Filament PLA Filament with a layer thickness of 0.2mm. The table lamp is about 20cm high and 10cm wide in diameter. I wouldn't want to make it higher, because otherwise there is the danger that it will tip over when touched. Alternatively you could of course enlarge the stand, but everyone as he likes it. 😉

kraken l.jpg

The foot was printed in blue, the connector in green, and the construction in purple, yellow, green, orange and red. The order of the colors is more or less random and was determined by my 2 year old daughter.

Here you can let off steam to your heart's content when choosing the colour. I think the children lamp children lamp looks good in every possible combination, and casts great shadows and beautiful patterns on floor, ceiling and walls in the dark room.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun to fiddle and tinker around with this project and the result is quite impressive, especially since it was my first attempt. I took the liberty of uploading the corresponding STL files here and of course making them available free of charge. So if you want to print out this little piece of jewellery for the children's room yourself, you can do so now.

Feedback, praise, criticism or also photos and ideas to your projects you can send me gladly to present these here. I would also appreciate any comments on this page. Have fun trying it out and doing it yourself.

Author: Sascha from Tinkering-Sascha.com

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer and martial artist from germany. Besides programming and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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