Ikea Upcycling idea: LED lamp with WiFi remote control

Ikea hack - LED Lamp

Inspired by some of my last lighting projects for bedrooms and children's rooms, I had some motivation and above all time to tinker on the weekend.

As with the Ikea Upcycling lamp for the children's room from the 3D printer, I wanted to turn something old into something new.

This time, however, the lamp was to be considerably larger, brighter and, above all, more technically challenging.

kraken l.jpg

An old Ikea floor lamp (Ikea Storuman Ikea Storuman / price from 15,- EUR) served as a basis, and was completed with a Zewa cardboard roll, LED-strip and all kinds of electronics, which were also used in a similar way for the lighting of the family bed.

Ikea Lamp LED hack

Ikea LED lamp with WiFi remote control

A lot of electronic components were needed here, too: one Arduino Uno Arduino Uno, two WLAN modules (ESP8266) WLAN modules (ESP8266), lithium-ion battery with 3.7V voltage (for the RC / remote control), on/off toggle switch, three NPN switches, cables and solder.

Last but not least, I printed out a case/housing for the wireless remote control and the control unit on the lamp with the 3D printer and built everything together.

Ikea Upcycling - led remote controlThe new LED lamp has 8 color modes which have been programmed in. The color change is done with the remote control, where I only have an on/off switch and only one button to toggle the colors.

kraken l.jpg

Ikea upcycling hack - led lamp and 3d printerSo my 3-year-old daughter can also serve the whole thing, which is of course a lot of fun for her. The colours of the 12v LED-Strip 12v LED-Strip are very strong and are wonderfully diffused by the lantern.

I'll spare myself the countless technical details about the realization, and better refer to existing articles (Lighting family bed, Ikea Upcycling lamp children's room, see above...), in which you can already read everything, such as how to program the necessary code and flashing the WLAN modules ESP8266 and get the whole thing running in general.

With questions and suggestions it is free to everyone simply write to me and leave a comment down here on this page. 🙂

Author: Sascha from Tinkering-Sascha.com

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer, trader and martial artist from germany. Besides programming, trading and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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