Guitar holder for the wall from the 3D printer

Guitar-holder - 3d printer

Guitar holders for the wall or guitar stands are a nice thing, especially if the collection of musical instruments grows over the years. Personally, I like wall mounts quite well, because they not only create elegant storage space, but are also a real eye-catcher.

Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, banjo or ukulele give the room a certain character when they find their place on the wall.

Wall mount - guitar holder - 3d printGuitar holders for the wall are available in different shapes and variants. From plastic, metal and wood to mixtures of different materials there is a lot on the market. The price of such a guitar holder for the wall guitar holder for the wall is usually around 5,- to 20,- Euro (maybe 8,- to 25,- USD) per piece.

kraken l.jpg

So your own musical instruments are always ready to hand, and by the way it just looks good and tidy. The next jam session (The DHL Song) can come! Also interesting: Early musical education of children.

3D print guitar holder for the wall yourself

Guitar-holder - 3d printerWhen I bought myself a new toy a few days ago in the form of a new Jackson guitar (JS-series) Jackson guitar (JS-series), I realized that my two old guitar stands had to be removed.

I decided that I wanted to change to a wall arrangement to have a nice place for my four guitars.

Inspired by my wall mount for my samurai swords, I created a small guitar mount with Tinkercad for my guitars and printed it out with white PLA-filament with the 3D-printer 3D-printer.

kraken.jpgThis can be easily attached to the wall with two plugs and suitable screws and is extremely stable (should be printed with at least 40-60% infill).

>> Even more useful things from the 3D printer <<

The print template in STL format for the guitar holder has been set at thingiverse and is ready for download. So if you want to print this practical little something yourself, you can do it easily. I would be very happy about a short like and comment. 🙂

Author: Sascha from

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer, trader and martial artist from germany. Besides programming, trading and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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