Fitness: forearm support, plank and holding exercises

Everyone knows the Plank or forearm support. One lies down frontally on the forearms and halves his own body weight. Don't let your knees and hips hang down, tense your back, stomach and butt!

Depending on the duration (60-180 seconds) very strenuous, but also very effective to train abdominal muscles, back, shoulders, buttocks and the overall body tension. Fat burning guaranteed! 😉

General variations of the plank would be to extend and hold one arm forward. Change arms after 10-20 seconds. Then repeat the whole thing with your legs, first lift one off the floor and hold it, then the other.

kraken l.jpg

Another variation would be to move the knee of the leg that was lifted towards the shoulder. There are many, many more variations. I would like to introduce some of them in more detail now... Have fun trying them out!

Table of contents:

Forearm support / Plank - Version 01

Plank Version 01If this is too boring for you, try to take one leg (left) and one arm (right) off the floor and hold them at the same time. If that's not enough, support yourself with your hands, bend your arms, and just pick up both legs!

Then hold the whole thing until the muscles start to flutter. Then you can take a 30 second break before doing the exercise again.

Forearm support / Plank - Version 02

Plank Version 02Anyone in possession of push-up grips can use them for a further variant or modification of the forearm support.

Here the position and execution is practically identical to Variant 1, but the forearms and wrists are additionally trained by the changed hand position.

Plank variant sitting

Holding excercise 3With this variant, the primary aim is to activate the abdominal muscles. You simply sit down on the floor and stretch your arms until your bottom rises from the floor.

Now tense your abdominal muscles and stretch and hold your legs forward. 30-60 seconds should be enough for now to achieve an effect.

Plank version hanging and with weight vest

The sitting plank variant can also be performed hanging. Simply pull up on a pull-up bar, stretch your legs forward and hold them. Also holding in a push-up is very effective.

kraken l.jpg

If the load is not enough, you can put on a weight vest weight vest. By the way, this applies to every variation, this way you build up muscles, burn fat and sweat like hell! 🙂

Plank and holding excercises with weight vestThere are even more ideas for holding exercises in the article Yoga exercises as a supplement to karate training. It is also worth taking a look at the numerous push-up variations.

Author: Sascha from

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer and martial artist from germany. Besides programming and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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