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Easter is a joyful celebration, which brings great joy especially to children. Easter can be a wonderful time to do family activities together. There are great Easter markets, the Easter fire, the egg hunt and what the little ones particularly enjoy is preparing for Easter. Window pictures, dyeing eggs, rabbits, Easter chickens and Easter baskets and much more.

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But where do all our traditions come from and why do we celebrate Easter?

Easter is a Christian festival. At Christmas the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated and at Easter one appreciates his great miracle, the resurrection. He sacrifices himself on the cross for the people so that their sins are forgiven and they can find a way to God. But his death on the cross is not the end. Three days after his death he rises again. As the Son of God, he has defeated death. Therefore, Easter is considered the most important feast for Christians. The story is told in the book especially well for children (german book): Elias erlebt Ostern von Katia Simon und Bärbel Witzig Elias erlebt Ostern von Katia Simon und Bärbel Witzig.

If you know the origin of Easter, you ask yourself what the Easter Bunny or the Easter egg is doing in it. Amazingly enough, they more or less belong together.
As always it starts with an egg and we also start with the Easter egg. The Easter egg is probably the most popular Easter custom in Germany. They are colorfully eaten, painted, made or hung. Without an egg there is no Easter, one might think.

The symbol of the egg already existed in pre-Christian times. There it symbolized the creation and the new life. So it is not surprising that this symbol found its place in the resurrection of Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus, gives new life. So the symbolism fits perfectly into the Easter time. At that time, Christians were even forbidden to eat eggs during Holy Week. Therefore they were kept, painted and solemnly eaten on Easter Sunday. Even though most people are not aware of the importance of eggs, the custom has remained until today. Children love to look for eggs or paint them and let's face it: colored eggs simply taste better. 🙂

Little tip: On the Internet you can find great sites to make color from plants yourself. So the eggs get no pollutants and can be eaten well. To dye eggs with your own colours is an exciting highlight for children and kids all over the world i would say.

kraken l.jpg

To be able to search for Easter eggs, the Easter Bunny has to hide them first. The rabbit has a similar meaning to the egg. It represents fertility and life. It is also a harbinger of spring. The beginning of spring has always been associated with the beginning of spring. But how the hare became the Easter Bunny remains a mystery. Some believe that it originated in the Middle Ages. At Easter time, people paid their debts, and these were often paid for by material goods. These included hares and eggs. However, nobody knows for sure the origin of the Easter Bunny. However, it would be a pity to reveal the secret of the Easter Bunny. Children love the Easter Bunny, so it gives them great pleasure to make one. Very creative ideas for children to do handicrafts can easily be found by Google search on the Internet. If you want to meet the Easter Bunny in a film, you should watch the movie HOP. It is funny and entertains the whole family.

Little Fun-Fact: In some regions of Germany it is not the bunny, but the fox or the rooster that distributes Easter eggs.

Easter tradition: The Easter fire

Another custom is the Easter fire. It does not belong to the Christian tradition. It is a custom from the pagan culture, which took place in the pre-Christian period. At that time people hoped for a short winter, because the winters were hard and the supply was scarce. The Easter fire was supposed to drive away hostile winter spirits and welcome spring. Interestingly, many associate the Easter fire with the resurrection, that Jesus is also called light.

This year we will probably have to do without an Easter fire and the meeting with the family will be difficult to realize. But because of COVID-19 (Coronavirus 2020 / SARS-CoV-2) we have to let the Easter mood be spoiled? No!

Why don't you make an Easter fire in your garden, alone with your core family. So you can light a small fire in the barbecue or in a fire bowl. Please do not just do it on the meadow, this is forbidden in most federal states anyway! Even with a small fire you will have a lot of fun. At the fire you could eat stick bread together, which you have baked yourself before.

For the dough, simply mix 125ml cream, 125ml lukewarm water, 1 teaspoon salt and 500g flour. Who would like to refine it with other spices, such as pizza spice or rosemary. Then separate the dough into about 10 pieces and swing it around the stick like a snake.

kraken l.jpg

The mini Easter fire can serve as a nice conclusion of an Easter egg hunt. In the garden you can hide little things and even if not all of the family can be there, you can film the search with your smartphone and show it to the family. Another alternative to the family celebration would be the surprise search. Each member of the family prepares a little something for other family members outside the nuclear family. There is no curfew yet, so you can go by car to hide something in the garden of others. You jump in the car and hide a little something in the garden with grandma or grandpa and drive home quickly. Now all you have to do is send a little text message saying, "The Easter Bunny has hidden something in your garden." This can be great fun for the whole family and finally celebrate Easter together. If you don't have a garden, you can move the Easter hunt to the apartment. The Easter gifts for the family, can be put outside the door if necessary.

A Skype family coffee would be another option. Everyone grabs a piece of cake or muffin and prepares a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Then they meet via Skype and can celebrate Easter together with grandparents, aunts and uncles over coffee and cake.

What do people actually give each other at Easter?

Does it have to be something big? Well, that's up to you. Gifts should bring joy and delight to the recipient. Especially popular are sweets (nothing beats a chocolate bunny) or something handmade. Whereby a radio play or a small book (The joy of reading / book tips) also gives pleasure to children.

A perfect book for Easter are the stories of Peter Hase written by Beatrix Potter (Peter Hase - Sämtliche Abenteuer Peter Hase - Sämtliche Abenteuer). These enchanting illustrations plus the lovingly told stories will immediately put you in an Easter mood. Also the film adaption to Peter Hase can be called successful. Nevertheless, they do not place too high demands on themselves. Give what you want. It should be about joy and not lead anyone into a financial fiasco.

There are no limits to creativity and this applies to the entire Easter period. The beginning of spring gives a new impulse, the children have plenty of time and on the internet you can find many ideas to decorate your home, prepare delicious dishes and create great handicrafts.

Fun for kids: Write a letter to the Easter bunny

By the way, did you know that your little ones can write to the Easter Bunny? In Germany there are two Easter post offices to deliver the mail to the Easter Bunny. Create a nice letter to the Easter Bunny or a wish list with your child and send it either to

Herrn Osterhase
Hanni Hase
Am Waldrand 12
27404 Ostereistedt

or on:
Siedlungsstraße 2
06295 Osterhausen

kraken.jpgEaster is only a small celebration and yet it has so many beautiful meanings. For some it is the greatest Christian feast, which is connected with gratitude and joy. Others celebrate spring with Easter and the beginning of another new year.

The next ones love the playful pleasure that the Easter bunny and his Easter eggs promise. But one thing is for sure, a joy for children. So, what are they waiting for? Now it is up to them to create a magical Easter. Involve your children, they often have good ideas. Don't let the ban on contact get you down, but find ways to celebrate Easter together.

Author: Sascha from Tinkering-Sascha.com

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer, trader and martial artist from germany. Besides programming, trading and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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