Children, cold weather and lots of fun

children and cold weather at autumn and winter

Several doctors recommend that children spend at least half an hour a day in the fresh air, which I personally find quite conclusive. In some weather conditions, however, you may wonder whether it is good for the child's health.

Often you have no idea about activities in cold weather, which would be fun for you and especially for the children. Today we get to the root of these two questions. You are reading a guest article by

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Tips: Children and cold weather

kraken.jpgFirst of all, every child can go out from the 3rd week, in wind and weather. The only exception is wet, cold or foggy weather. This only applies to children who are still in the pram pram. In this weather constellation, the cold pulls into the carriages and lets the baby cool down over time.

You can make a raincover raincover over the wagon and leave it at a short walk of 20-30 minutes. Otherwise: As soon as the child can romp or walk, it keeps its body warm enough and can withstand any weather. Especially in autumn there are many snuff-noses, so one wonders as a parent whether it is wise to expose his child to the weather. The answer is: Yes! If you have a cold with only a cough and a cold, fresh air (no matter what the weather) is healthy. Often the heating air, the respiratory tract is more irritating than the wet climate outside. If, for example, your child has a fever, bed rest is of course more the order of the day.

The bigger problem is that we adults have forgotten how to enjoy "bad" weather. If we are honest, we like to tell ourselves that you shouldn't go out in such weather. But in such a case one has to overcome one's inner weakness, because otherwise they could rob their child of valuable moments to learn and experience and promote their health.

This weather and the cold season also have many advantages that spring or summer do not necessarily have. On the one hand, the autumn weather is important to prepare for the impending cold. If your child is outdoors a lot in autumn, the body can get used to the extreme degrees of winter better. Autumn particularly strengthens the immune system. Many children do not yet have a fully developed immune system, play in the rain or in strong winds, harden and lead to a more stable immune system.

The right clothes for the cold season

What they need to look out for is the right clothes. Often you tend to pack your child too warm. This can be dangerous. When children sweat in the fresh, cold air, the sweat cools them down. They should avoid this by putting several layers on their child. If your child sweats, he or she can take off one layer and continue playing in calm.

Also make sure you wear breathable clothing. This also helps to avoid sweating. This is why Softshell pullovers and jackets, which you can sew yourself relatively easily, are particularly suitable in autumn if you want to try them out. In addition, clothing should always be water-repellent. So your child stays dry and cannot cool off from the wetness. This is especially true for the feet, so your child should wear waterproof and lined shoes. There are lined rubber boots lined rubber boots which are very suitable for puddle jumping.

Finally, the ears should be kept warm by a cap. Which cap is most dependent on the child. Small children should have a hood that cannot fall off. In winter, caps with extensions on the ears are recommended. Especially great are scarf caps, caps that go down to the neck and keep only the face free. This is especially helpful in spontaneous winds. A scarf is only worthwhile in windy weather. From winter on the scarf should always be worn. If your child tends to cough or bronchitis, a thin scarf should protect the neck from autumn onwards.

After they get out, they should drink something warm. At colder temperatures your child will need more calories, so a warm cocoa or milk with honey is just the thing. Even a vitamin-rich homemade smoothie or juice cannot be so wrong to give something back to the body. Especially oranges and lemons (hot lemon) contain a lot of good vitamin C which is very important in winter.

Ideas and suggestions: Activities for children in autumn

kraken.jpgBut what to do if you have the right clothes but can't get the child out? The playground is wet, the meadows are muddy and the child does not know what to do. Now they are in demand. Offer your child ideas and joint activities. Autumn and winter offer great opportunities to explore nature. Below they get some ideas to enjoy the cold weather.

Autumn - Tips:
1. Look for the most beautiful autumn leaves. With autumn leaves, acorns or chestnuts you can make great works of art. Searching together is a lot of fun. You can hook the leaves together in the garden and then throw yourself into the heap of leaves. This is only possible in autumn.

2. Autumn brings forth many berries, nuts and fruits. Teach your child which are allowed to be eaten and which are not. You can also play picture guessing. Make a frame out of branches. Now everyone can lay pictures from stones, nuts, chestnuts and so on and the other one or the others must guess it.

3. You can collect the berries and nuts and place them on moss in the forest. A week later they go to the same spot and see if any animals have eaten them.

4. Build feeding stations for squirrels, birds and hedgehogs. This makes children happy and helps the animals.

5. Kite flying is and remains a classic. Autumn brings a lot of wind, which is perfect for kite flying. It is also fun to follow the sounds of the wind. What do trees sound like, like bushes or when you have opened the window slightly?

6. Build a wind chime out of natural materials. Sticks that can strike each other and make funny noises play their very own music. They could paint the sticks and give them funny faces.

7. In the rain, the most fun is to jump in the puddles. In autumn, rainbows often appear and they can discover them.

8. Build a rain music machine. Place different objects, such as pots of different sizes, glasses and plastic containers next to each other. When the rain falls, a new instrument sounds.

9. In the rain you can also observe earthworms and snails.

Ideas and suggestions: Activities for children in winter

Winter - Tips:
1. Every child enjoys sledding. If you live in a flat landscape, then you can take your child for a walk and enjoy the wonderful winter landscape.

2. You can fill balloons with water. Then add food coloring and let it freeze in the freezer compartment and remove the rubber of the balloon. In no time you and your child have created a great winter decoration winter decoration for the garden.

3. A special highlight is grilling in the snow. Set up a bench with a fire basket to warm up, next to it you can grill. Especially in the cold air a warm sausage tastes twice as good.

4. Many game parks are open in winter. It is very worth it. The animals behave differently and often the parks have prepared special activities.

5. If there is a lot of snow, you can build a snowman or if you want a special challenge: How about an igloo?

6. Plan a big snowball fight. Prepare many balls and place or build obstacles in the landscape. You can also combine a snowball fight with the game "Catch the Flag" and play with many children.

7. Another highlight for the winter is ice skating or skiing. Both are very helpful for the children's motor skills. In addition, the sense of balance is trained and is a great opportunity to live family time.

8. Geocaching is a lot of fun with older children. There are many instructions for children of different ages on the Internet. Especially fathers often have a lot of fun with it.

9. Maybe someone in your area is offering a dog or horse-drawn sleigh ride. A carriage ride, wrapped in blankets, can also be incredibly beautiful. Even a simple walk together with the child and the dog can be a great experience, if these rave like crazy through the snow.

10. In the snow or icy mud, you can search for animal tracks. The children learn a lot about the local animals. You can look out for birds that spend the winter in Germany (in your country 😉 ).

11. You can give your child an unforgettable experience with a torchlight hike. You can get torches online or often in DIY stores. Since it gets dark earlier in the winter, your child does not have to stay up any longer to take part in a "night hike".

12. In winter, foresters and hunters often organise game feedings or forest tours. Here, too, your child can learn a lot about nature and animals.

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Author: Sascha from

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer, trader and martial artist from germany. Besides programming, trading and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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