A stress-free Christmas - Tips for a Merry and Relaxed Christmas

stress-free merry christmas

Everyone loves and hates Christmas time. Especially for families this time can be challenging. This applies to the wallet as well as to the nerves. But how is it that the time of peace and contemplation becomes a stress trap? Our Hollywood picture of Christmas is the cause of this.

The family sits harmoniously at a well-laid table. The children laugh, the Christmas tree is big and beautifully decorated. There are lots of gifts underneath, one bigger than the other. Outside is the white snow, the house is festively decorated and everything smells of cinnamon. First of all: This perfect scenario is rarely reality. 😉

Table of contents:

Tips for a Merry, stress-free and Relaxed Christmas

The biggest stress factor at Christmas is the perfection we strive for. But what does it really look like?

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Especially parents have the Christmas celebrations of their jobs, the Christmas celebrations of school and kindergarten and one of the children certainly performs something. The parents-in-law come to visit, the house is full, groceries have to be done, presents have to be packed and Christmas cards have to be sent away. With such a concentrated amount of tasks - something simply has to go wrong!

Time management and setting priorities correctly

kraken.jpgThis means that the first thing to think about before December is what you want to do during the Christmas season and what not. Setting priorities should not be underestimated. Often we want too much in a short time. For events "No-Saying", relieves the everyday life of the family immensely. The planning should be arranged by all members of the family. In this way all wishes and needs can be taken into account.

You don't have to go to every Christmas market and for the children's Christmas parties, you can split up. Even grandparents like to go to such festivities and parents can be relieved. Christmas markets can be beautiful, but often turn out to be full and exhausting. Think about whether a cosy place to bake with the whole family can be more beautiful.

Just like the actions during the Christmas season, Christmas should also be planned by everyone. Often young people have completely different needs than their parents. Here compromises have to be made. If you have small children, don't push the presents too far back. This avoids stubborn and moody children. If you need to get around a little before the presents, maybe grandma or grandpa can wrap the children up warm and get some fresh air. After the meal, the little ones can finally unpack their presents and try them out and the adults can enjoy a glass of wine in peace.

Another mistake that mothers in particular like to make is to want to do everything on their own. There is more than one person in the family, so why should only one person prepare everything? Children are very happy to help decorate the Christmas tree with fairy lights and colorful balls.

Dessert can also be prepared by the parents-in-law, decorating the flat can be a joint project. Shopping and cooking should also be shared. So everyone is needed and you can really talk about a happy and collective celebration.

That's what this is all about: Christmas time should be a special time for families to have nice moments together. If there are tensions within the family, avoid sensitive issues. In addition, the situation is relaxed when good friends are invited.

Traditions, perfectionism or rather relaxed and stress-free?!

It does not necessarily have to follow the traditions if they represent a danger to harmony. Traditions often lead to high pressure. This is particularly noticeable at Christmas dinners.

Everyone knows the picture of a multi-course menu where the highlight is the Christmas roast. Such a pompous Christmas dinner requires a lot of time, planning and money. Most children prefer to eat simple dishes (tasty recipes). Think together as a family about what you would like to eat. Especially popular, simple and customizable are Raclette or Fondue Raclette or Fondue.

Also the decoration does not have to be extravagant and on the point. Perhaps your child's homemade angel does not fit in the colour, but it is something personal and your child is happy when it gets a place in the decoration. You can make a lot of decoration yourself. A large part of the material can be taken from the forest and combined with a nice family walk. Walking through the snow with your kids or with your beloved dog can have a very relaxing effect on everyone involved.

With the Christmas decoration Christmas decoration applies, often less is simply more! You do not have to prove to the neighborhood that they have the most beautiful outdoor lighting and the best windows. It must please them and their family. That's all that matters. The decoration also includes the Christmas tree. Many only buy it shortly before the festival. Thus also the tree becomes an additional stress factor shortly before the celebration. They can avoid this by buying a tree earlier. In addition one has so also longer joy at it and it becomes firm component of the Xmas-decoration.

You can also reduce your perfectionism when baking cookies. Instead of ten different biscuit varieties, they choose three to four biscuit recipes. They don't have to look perfect either, they just have to taste good. 🙂

In general, you should try to slow down their Christmas season. Enjoy the moments, don't get angry about mistakes and use the time for fellowship. When something stops, it doesn't end the world. You don't have to go along with every Christmas trend. Create your own Christmas with the highlights you want. If it becomes your Christmas, then it will be a beautiful Christmas regardless of pressure and perfectionism.

Christmas, gifts and presents

Gifts are the biggest tension factor. Our consumer society does itself all honour at Christmas. Parents often spend 200 to 300 EUR and more per child at Christmas. That is clearly too much and absolutely not necessary. Christmas is not about the biggest gift. We give gifts to show our appreciation, and this is also possible with small things.

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Here are a few tips that will save you time, money and nerves:

  1. Not everyone needs presents!
    You don't have to make gifts to all your friends, neighbours and relatives. Many families clarify among themselves that only children can get something or only small things can be given away. Often a nice card is enough for friends.
  2. Homemade Gifts
    If you want to give something to your friends or relatives, then it doesn't always have to be an expensive parfum. Most people enjoy personal, homemade gifts the most. This saves them the overpriced shopping tour and shows their counterparts that they are important to them. Especially effective are the same gifts for different people. For example, a homemade peeling for all women and a homemade pastry spread for men. A bag of homemade biscuits is a classic that never ends.
  3. Giving away time and attention
    Nowadays the most precious good is time! Why an expensive gift (for example Wristwatches: Watches, more than Luxury and Lifestyle) when you can give time away? Make a voucher for a common breakfast or for a walk on Sunday. When you give away time, it shows your counterpart that he or she is so valuable that you want to spend time with him or her.
  4. Define clarity and wishes
    Often one does not only give to many people in the circle of friends something, one also gets too much given. Everyone knows these gifts, with which one can do nothing, but one must show oneself grateful. In order to counteract the consumer society and unpleasant gifts, they clearly say what they want. Talk to your friends and relatives about not wanting gifts. If you want gifts, say clearly what you want and what you can usefully use. So they and the giver have less stress.
  5. Teaching modesty
    So that children are not completely overloaded, they arrange gifts with the family. It is often nicer to have more than one for one instead of ten small gifts. Children (especially younger kids) are overwhelmed by large quantities of gifts and lose a realistic view of the gifts. Children often take large quantities of gifts for granted. This is not because of their greed, but because they have got to know it from an early age. Especially children from big families succumb to this false picture, but also children which are richly presented and spoiled from all sides. In order to learn gratitude, it helps to let children give something themselves. For example, to give away toys which they no longer want. Children's homes but also day-care centres are always happy about donations. But also great charitable activities, like "Christmas in a shoebox" (charity by a german organization), show children in a wonderful way how beautiful giving can be and that for other children gifts are not everyday.

Now her moment has come. Get started and design your individual family Christmas. According to the wishes and needs of all of you.
A merry - but above all stress-free Christmas with your loved ones!

Author: Sascha from Tinkering-Sascha.com

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer, trader and martial artist from germany. Besides programming, trading and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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