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Every year! The Christmas season is over, the turn of the year has taken place. Of course the time together with the family was enjoyed to the full. The first ones have already exchanged their presents, the Christmas tree has left the flat again, in any case it has been eaten very well and partly a lot, hasn't it?! 🙂

So it happens that in January of every year thousands of people don't fit into their trousers anymore or only with difficulty or even stand crying on their scales and ask themselves questions like how could that happen. After Christmas and even before New Year's Eve, many have perhaps taken on a few things, perhaps quit smoking, drink no or at least less alcohol and among other things also do more sport (or at all?!). Lose weight a little, get fit...

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A new year - Nutrition, Sports and Fitness

If you take a look at the fitness studios in Germany from the first week of January onwards, it quickly becomes clear that one can assume that the problem described above is by no means an isolated case, but rather a thoroughly human, but also overarching issue that repeats itself year after year. If you go to the gym for a workout in the following months, you will notice that it becomes more and more empty, which of course even suits the die-hard fitness freak, since there are no waiting times at the individual stations or fitness equipment fitness equipment.

Facts and figures on fitness at the turn of the year

A few numbers and facts which confirm this assumption can be found by looking at the data of the big search engine operators like Google!

Fitness - Google search queriesHere it quickly becomes apparent that the search queries for e.g. fitness in the first two weeks of January just to explode, and that worldwide! And not only since last year, but at least since January 2004, the last 13 years (2016)! Unbelievable, so this can't be a coincidence... Similar results can also be achieved if you look at the statistics on "slimming down" or "healthy eating" throughout Germany. Fortunately, the myth of "slimming without sport" or "slimming without doing anything" has been declining since 2009.

Sporting and healthy into the new year

I would now like to give you some tips on how to motivate yourself permanently for sport, fitness and better nutrition, because as you should know, motivation is everything!

5 simple rules for lasting motivation to sport

1.) Define goals, but remain modest. Better to go to sports once a week than talking about 5 times...

2.) Distraction and new things at stagnation - better than pushing frustration! Be open for new things. If it goes slower in the direction of the own desire weight, simply try something different. If you don't like jogging anymore, try swimming or cycling! Alternatively, browse through the various websites for adventure gifts gifts, as there are also a number of sports and leisure activities, such as climbing in the high ropes course, rafting, diving courses and many other fun activities up to the fitness camp!

3.) Have fun! With everything you do, having fun is the most important thing, even on the job. It has been proven that people who don't enjoy their job at all don't do it as well as people who love their job and profession! The same applies to sports and fitness. See also point 2 - Try something new! If you don't enjoy sports, then you may not have found the right one for you yet.

4.) Motivation slogans and life wisdoms - Some find it trite, some can't do anything with it, personally it brightens my mood when I read one or the other quotations, motivation slogans and Buddhist or Asian life wisdoms such as...

You have to love what you do to be truly successful. An apple tree yields more the more you care for it, not the more you shake it. The fruits ripen at the right time.

German: Man muss lieben, was man tut, um wirklich erfolgreich zu sein. Ein Apfelbaum bringt mehr Ertrag, je mehr man ihn pflegt, nicht je mehr man ihn schüttelt. Die Früchte reifen zur richtigen Zeit. - Günter Mohr (8. Dan Shotokan)

5.) Eliminate time factor! Very important that you don't put yourself under too much pressure. Example: I want to lose 15Kg in 3 weeks. Something like this never works, and certainly not permanently... If you continuously carry out your sports programme, have fun with it, then you can enjoy the whole thing and you are happy, and time doesn't play a role anyway...

30 Days fat burn challenge

Another idea are the not very serious 14- or 30-day workout programs, such as the 30-day fat burn challenge! Short workouts or training plans are defined with exercises that should be repeated daily for a certain period of time. Some people promise a six-pack in 21 days, but depending on the physical conditions this rarely or not at all works. As the name suggests, you should take such challenges as a challenge, ideally together with friends, just to have fun and push each other to the next level!

30-day Challenges are currently in full swing. Almost everyone wants a taut stomach, six-pack (washboard stomach) or a little less fat here and there. Often, however, the project fails because of the necessary discipline or motivation, because simply doing some exercises at home does not usually bring the desired success.

In addition, many lack the "red wire", because the exercises and the number of repetitions are at least as important as the training pauses that you have to allow your body to get closer to the desired goal. This is why the so-called 30-day Challenges are so popular. These define an exactly prescribed training plan training plan over a manageable training period. Shorter training periods increase motivation, because some people set themselves much too big goals that cannot be achieved in a few days or weeks. Small steps also lead to the goal!

There are different types of 30-day challenges. Training plans are often limited to one or a maximum of two exercises, such as the Plank Challenge. Here you try to keep the forearm support a little longer every training day. Starting from e.g. 15 seconds to the last day, where the whole thing should be held for several minutes. In principle, this is also a good thing, because anyone can do the exercise at home, even without any previous knowledge. A solid full-body workout, as many muscle regions are tense or used.

But if you want to go one step further, you should rather take a training plan that places different levels of strain on the different muscle groups, simply to challenge the body again and again. This not only promotes fat burning, but also muscle building. Instead of just doing the forearm support, for example, you can add other simple exercises to the program, such as the pushup, sit-ups, crunshes or squats. All these exercises can also be done in a small space and require different large muscle groups.

In order to achieve an optimal result and thus the desired training success, training alone is good, but together with enough sleep, and a healthy balanced diet it will result in a better performance! Generally nutrition concepts like LowCarb (few carbohydrates - more/high protein!) offer themselves here.

30 Days fat burn challengeThe 30-day Fat-Burn-Challenge contains 5 exercises, which are to be performed on the described training days (3- or 4-day interval). The number of repetitions and the duration of the exercises start relatively harmless and increase from training unit to training unit.

If, for example, you don't get through an exercise (e.g. 30 push-ups) in one, that's not a problem at all, the only important thing is that you do the 30 push-ups! It would be conceivable to divide them into several sentences. One simply performs 15 push-ups, takes a short break (e.g. 20 seconds) and then continues with the push-ups until one has reached the required number. Depending on the level of training and performance you can get the maximum out of your body and burn fat.

5 ideas to increase your fitness

kraken.jpgSport is murder! Not quite true! Of course sport or training with under is very hard and sweaty, but at least training only starts outside your own comfort zone. In addition to the aspect of effort, for many it is already a torture to get up for sport, so many people decide to take the comfortable couch position.

Nothing against a nice evening on the sofa, but chips and cola are not necessarily conducive to losing a gram or two of body fat. Here I would like to show some simple approaches how you can do something for your fitness and health with very little time.

1.) Drink a lot, but please the right one!

Drinking a lot is important. It should be 2 liters per day, but please no cola or other sugar and calorie bombs! Water is the elixir of life, so drink plenty of it. 2-3 liters of water are not wrong. If you don't like it too much, simply add a dash of lemon or orange juice to your drink. Gladly also tea. Especially green tea is very healthy and invigorates body and soul! In case of doubt it also does camomile or any other kind of tea, as long as you do not devalue it with lots of pieces of sugar or sweetener. Agave syrup or a teaspoon of honey also sweeten, and are more substantial.

2.) Omit unnecessary carbohydrates

I'd call a bag of chips unnecessary carbohydrates. Chips are delicious, but besides carbohydrates they also contain a lot of fat, which the body does not necessarily need. Maybe you just fill a handful into a bowl and put the rest back for the days to come?!

Better and healthier sweets would be LowCarb variants such as zucchini chips. Simply cut 2 large courgettes into slices or pins, place on a baking tray and sprinkle with a little good olive oil and bake in the oven at 160 degrees for some time. Healthy and calorie-reduced cooking and baking cooking and baking is not difficult at all.

Raw food is also always a good thing to have something to snack on. Carrots, paprikas or even fruit (apples, pears, and so on...) are delicious and you still don't get too much hip gold.

3.) If it's TV night, use the commercial breaks!

Who does not know this, there is a good film or broadcast on television and every 15 minutes the next commercial break is faded in. What to do? One idea would be to actively use these commercial breaks instead of getting excited about the sometimes stupid commercials. With an average feature film of 90 minutes in length, 3-5 such commercial breaks are easily shown. If you now decide to do 10 push-ups, or 10 sit-ups, or 20 knee bends in each advertising break, you have at least done a little something!

Or just try to stay in the forearm support for the entire advertising break? Or on one leg with arms stretched out to the side? Can you do that? If not immediately, then perhaps in the future.

By the way, this principle can be ported to all areas of everyday life. Example: Brushing your teeth! A ritual which everyone (or almost everyone ;-)) repeats several times a day. Instead of holding the electric toothbrush in your face for the next 2 minutes, simply take the manual toothbrush and brush your teeth in a one-legged position. In addition to keeping your balance, you also train your body's motor skills.

Try it out: Swing the toothbrush (brush teeth) with your right hand for 1 minute, standing on your right leg, swing your left leg loosely and draw eights in the air. After one minute change, then brush with the left hand, stand on the left leg and write 8th with the right leg. 😉

4.) Live more consciously and try something new!

Conscious living does not only mean to pay attention to one's nutrition, to do sports! It has been proven that happy people fall ill less often. But life is much more fun if you walk happily through life. If body and mind are in harmony, one walks completely differently through life than, for example, someone who is unclean with himself, his body or life conditions. Meditation can also help to increase one's own well-being.

Try something new, something that is good for you and your body and mind. Take a walk in the woods, at the lake, or drive to the sea for a few days and take part in a mudflat hike! Exercise and fresh air are not to be despised for your own health.

You already do sports? Then maybe try a new kind of sport! Be open for everything there is to discover out there. You play football? Then go to a trial training at a club near you for table tennis, handball, martial arts (karate, kickboxing, aikido, ...). Or see if training in the gym is something for you.

5.) Fitness begins in daily life!

If you don't feel like joining a sports club or torturing yourself in the gym, you can increase your fitness by just changing your attitude a little bit. Example: You take the subway to work every day. Just take the stairs instead of the escalator! You'll burn extra calories and increase your fitness on the side.

Another example would be going shopping. If it is not 68 miles to the next supermarket, you could leave the car and go shopping on foot. On the way back home carrying the full bags saves the lifting of weights in the gym. 😉

Nutrition and fitness belong inseparably together

kraken l.jpg

Nutrition and the right food are simply part of sport and fitness! Also there are a few simple rules.

1.) Fast food yes, but if then only in moderation and rather rarely! That means no one has anything against it if you get a kebab or gyros, and no one has ever become fat from a few visits a year at a burger stand. But cooking yourself with fresh and healthy ingredients is not only cheaper, but also much more nutritious!

2.) Cook yourself - balanced and healthy! But how... Inspiration can be found among other things in the dozens of recipe portals and Foodblogs which are to be found in the Internet. From time to time I will present here some tasty and nutritious recipes from the category cooking and baking from lowcarb to vegetarian and vegan.

To pick up already known recipes from time to time or to remember new ones, apps like the recipe book app will help . Such app can even make weekly menus or menu cards.

3.) Alternation strengthens the appetite! Therefore always be open for new things, try out new recipes, arrange a cooking date with friends, and above all have fun and smile as in sports! 🙂

If you still need inspiration and ideas for training exercises, you can click through here in the Training and Fitness section, where I have listed some exercises in text, picture and some video. From weight bench exercises, plank- and push-up variations to exercises for balance boards, jump training and much more - there should be something for everyone.

Fitness starts in the head, and sport as well as a healthy diet should become a permanent companion in life, in order to be satisfied and happy with one's body and oneself. So have fun on your ways and especially during training!


Author: Sascha from Tinkering-Sascha.com

Author: Sascha

Some words about myself. My name is Sascha - i'm a software developer, trader and martial artist from germany. Besides programming, trading and martial arts some of my interests and hobbies are cooking, fitness and hearing loud heavy metal music. :D

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